What is Operator Code?
When an VoIP operator or a service provider subscribes for Optima Dialer, a specific code is provided to the company by Improlabs. This Operator code is extremely important to run the service as all the configuration information for that service is stored against this operator code.  The endusers only need to enter operator code and account PIN information into the softphone to register, no need to enter all the configuration information.

Is there any option to take additional Operator Code?
Yes. You can purchase additional operator code against a specific dialer package. Please note that it involves additional costing.

I want to run Optima Dialer under my own brand. How can I do this?
You can brand Optima Dialer Ultimate as per need. Different branding and customization offers are available in the  branding page.
No branding facility is available for Optima Dialer Smart Pac packages at this moment.

How can I get a demo?
You can request a demo from here or contact sales.

How can I use Optima Dialer in areas where VoIP calls are blocked by firewalls?
Byteplex tunneling module helps Optima Dialer pass through the firewalls.

Optima Dialer Smart Pac includes hosted Byteplex module. If you are a user of Optima Dialer Smart Pac then you will be able to run the service anywhere in the world. To run Optima Dialer Ultimate packages in the blocked areas, you need to purchase Byteplex seperately.