Customization and branding helps the customers to run a dialer on their own brand names. Feature rich Ultimate Packages of Optima Dialer provide more flexible Branding Options Customers can purchase fully customized own ‘Brand’ Ultimate packages of their choices. All branding costs are addition to the costing of the Ultimate Packages.

Branding Options

  1. 1. Dialer icon
  2. 2. Dialer name
  3. 3. Dialer website
  4. 4. Dialer copyright text


Available Branding options:

Branding Option Features Cost
Supreme Branding
  • Customers will get complete dialer of their own brand
  • One operator code will be provided to use with standard Optima Dialer App. No operator code will be required for dialer login.
4000 USD
Premium Package Branding
  • Custom built branded dialer app will be supplied to customers
  • Will need specific operator code under Ultimate Packages
3000 USD
Premium Operator Code Branding
  • Customers can have branding for any specific operator code out of their multiple codes
  • A fully branded dialer app will be supplied to use with the branded operator code
2000 USD

Customization Cost:

Options Cost
Dialer Name Customization 500 USD
Additional Operator Code 1000 USD
Additional Operator Code Name Customization 1000 USD

N.B:- Introductory offer of 25% discount will continue till 31st August, 2015. After that regular prices will be applied.