Dialer Ultimate

Optima Dialer Ultimate is a one time licensing package and designed to meet the requirements of big VoIP service providers. Innovative and cost effective technology offers faster registration and call connectivity even in low bandwidth networks. It offers high quality voice service over WiFI/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/LTE networks.

Optima Dialer Ultimate can bypass strong firewalls and voice blocks while used in combination with Byteplex, a state-of-art tunneling product developed by Improlabs. It can reduce the bandwidth requirements for making the VoIP calls from the mobile devices and delivers crystal clear voice quality even on low bandwidth networks.

Optima Dialer Ultimate lets you customize and brand your service as per your requirements. Different kinds of customization and branding options are available to be used with Ulitmate Dialer. You can refer to branding page for more customization and branding offers.

Reasons for Using Optima Dialer Ultimate


  • Life Time Licensing: Optima Dialer Ultimate package comes with life time licensing feature. Pay once and you own the license to use the solution forever!*
  • No Geographic/Network Limitation: When used with Byteplex Optima Ultimate Dialer can work on all networks and countries. No geographic and network limitations at all! *
  • Fully Customizable Branding: You can fully customize and brand your Ultimate Dialer. Your clients can download it from separate app store locations assigned to you. You will be given separate custom built dialer with your brand name, logo etc. The endusers don't need to do anything except entering their account credential (PIN information) to login and make calls.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our cost effective pricing plans help you ensure the maximum return of your investment. You can check the detailed pricing plans here..
  • Full Technical Support: No need to pay additional cost for tech support. Full support is included for 1 year with every purchase of Optima Dialer Ultimate. **


* Optima Dialer Ultimate can run in any country when used in combination with Byteplex. Customers are requested to check the compliance of the local telecom authority before using the dialer. Improlabs Pte Ltd is not responsible for any  illegal usage of the Dialer.

** Free full technical support for 1 year is included with each purchase of Ultimate packages. Clients can purchase additional support duration on yearly basis upon expiry of the free support period.

Visit download page to install Optima Dialer in your mobile device.