Dialer Smart Pac

This is a simple monthly rental package which bundles Optima Dialer and hosted Byteplex and designed to meet demands of all sorts of customers.  Innovative and cost effective technology offers faster registration and call connectivity even in low bandwidth networks. It offers high quality voice service over WiFI/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G/LTE networks.

Taking advantage of the integrated hosted Byteplex tunnel solution, Optima Dialer Smart Pac offers uninterrupted service across all countries and networks. Use of latest bandwidth saving encryption technology ensures bypass of strong firewalls with better quality of voice communication.

Reasons for Using Optima Dialer Smart Pac:

  • Fully Managed Hosting: Optima Dialer Smart Pac comes with  hosted Byteplex tunneling solution  hosted on our servers. Our technnical team takes the responsibility for managing the hosted service leaving no hastle for the customer.
  • No Geographic/Network Limitation: Expand your horizons! One dialer for all networks and countries. There is no geographic and network limitations at all.*
  • Pay As You Go: Get rid of  big investment for one time licensing! Monthly rental service helps you use the service as per your needs. Cost effective pricing plan helps you get the maximum return of your investment!
  • Free Technical Support: No need to pay additional cost for tech support. Full tech support is included with all Smart Pac subscription.
  • Free Product Updates: Customers using this package are eligible for free product updates.


* Optima Dialer Smart Pac can run in any country. Customers are requested to check the compliance of the local telecom authority before using the dialer. Improlabs Pte Ltd is not responsible for any  illegal usage of it.

Visit download page to install Optima Dialer in your mobile device.