Byteplex is an tunneling software module which works with Optima Dialer. It uses highly efficient encryption technology and has the ability to bypass strong firewalls to make uninterrupted VoIP communication. Byteplex empowers Optima Dialer to make VoIP calls from any country and network. Implementation of advanced bandwidth saving technology makes it possible to have good quality voice call even at very low bandwidth.

The state-of-art tunneling technology implemented in Byteplex creates a virtual tunnel between the Optima Dialer app in the mobile device and the softswitch. All the calls from these mobile devices pass through the tunnel allowing the calls to run without any interruption inspite of having network firewalls or blocks. Latest encryption technology used in Byteplex can effectively negotiate any kind of blockage or firewall issue in the IP network. As a result, Optima Dialer can deliver seamless high quality voice calling service to the service providers and the end users.

Advanced Bandwidth saving technology reduces the bandwidth utilization significantly. Optima Dialer inconjunction with Byteplex, can deliver crystal clear voice even in low bandwidth networks. It also helps the end-users cutting their mobile data plans budget significantly.

Key Features:

  • Bypass network firewalls and voice block.
  • Resolves network congestion.
  • Bandwidth optimization.
  • Compatible with all major SIP compatible softswitch.
  • Allows Optima Dialer deliver crystal clear voice even on low bandwidth.